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CHD  Champigny Home Design

Jennifer Champigny

Design & Plan Consultant


Color Consultation

Whether clients are painting one room or freshening their entire home, CHD will recommend just the right color. With a background in fine arts and years of experience in color specifications, CHD will suggest colors that fit your personality and lifestyle. Clients receive large professional color chips to help in their decision process. 

It's All In The Details 

CHD works with their clients to create a home that they will be proud of and enjoy living in. Our goal is to make the process less overwhelming by providing professional support. We encourage homeowners to move forward with confidence, knowledge and enthusiasm.

"We loved working with Jenn! We completely renovated and added on to our existing home. CHD was able to take what could have been a very daunting task, and made it manageable and fun. Jenn is meticulous with details. CHD provided ideas to the architect, carpenters and electricians, working with us to create a beautiful home that I truly feel reflects our family. One of the best parts is Jenn's ability to listen to you and try to create your own personal living space. Our home design has met all of our goals and exceeded our expectations."

Jim and Chris , Brimfield, MA

Home Consultation

A home consultation with CHD is a one time meeting where we discuss interior design and decor. We help homeowners with whole house ideas, designing new rooms, or taking rooms to "the next level." We can work with existing furnishings or suggest new options. Homeowners are given ideas about what they may need and where to make purchases, as well as the best places to invest or save money. This helps homeowners establish a budget, gives them confidence in completing the job on their own, and supports their ideas and creative abilities.


New Construction and Renovation Consultation

CHD provides professional advice and a common sense approach that helps clients understand and appreciate the process of renovating or building a new home. We can review initial plans, suggest fresh ideas, discuss the budget, both savings and overages, and suggest where clients may choose to spend more as well as where they could save. We advise on design methods that will create room flow through finishes, colors and furniture placement.