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We are proud and honored to say that CHD worked directly with the Blake's to make the vision of their Monticello come true. We were a part of the design process for every interior decision, from the initial floor plans, to the custom woodworking, to the chandeliers, and the smallest trim details, plus hundreds of other items along the way. Thank you to everyone that helped and supported us through this monumental undertaking. It was a huge team effort that worked well due to everyones unselfish hard work and dedication to the completion of the project. Please see the attached links below for more information.

The Recreation of Monticello in Somers, CT

Presley Blake, co-founder of Friendy's Ice Cream, decided that he would like to build a replica of Monticello, and that he would like to see it completed before his 100th birthday. Under the expertly orchestrated leadership of Laplante Construction, who blended their own employees with a talented group of sub contractors, Blake’s Monticello was completed in just 14 months. This was an incredible experience, with local professionals and craftspeople working long hours with dedication and enthusiasm in honor of Thomas Jefferson and Presley and Helen Blake. The completed Monticello is spectacular.

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